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We also supply South Australia’s best Solar Power systems, because we are different

  • Independent advice – not tied to one brand
  • Excellent, experienced installers
  • No commission salesmen




Independent expert advice

Most Solar companies in Adelaide are tied to selling a single Brand.  We however are independent. 

We advise our customers on the most suitable system for them, and we buy from leading suppliers to best suit our clients’ requirements.

This is very important, because there is now a large choice of different solar panels and inverter systems available.  You need independent advice to gain the maximum benefits from these energy saving/producing systems. For instance, a German solar panel might suit you best, and be matched with a great invertor from USA.

Apart from the brands, you also need to get the scale right. You wouldn’t want a Mini to tow a caravan, but equally you don’t need a Landcruiser.


Excellent installation

The quality of the Installation is the single most important factor is you having a reliable high performing system.  (The second most important is the inverter).  We have been installing solar systems for more than 5 years and have a proven team of installers who will ensure your system is done right, first time


No commission salesmen

Another point of difference is that have we don’t use a commission sales force who just need to make a sale, any sale.  Instead we have experienced specialists who can guide you through all the options and all the brands.


The best products

We can get you absolutely ANY approved panels or inverter you don't have to go with our suggestions, but we strongly recommend that you do, because we picked them for some very good reasons.


So contact us on 08 6260 0811

We’ll survey your premises and discuss your business needs, then we’ll offer you the right system at the right price.

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