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Finance Schemes and Govt Grants   Finance schemesThe energy saving schemes we recommend all have good commercial returns. However they do involve an initial outlay to capture those future benefits.Where cashflow makes this a problem, we can advise on a range of Federal Government backed finance initiatives.  These schemes typically aim to spread out the cashflow costs of the initiative to match the cashflow savings. There are several schemes around, which are constantly being updated, so call us on 08 6260 0811 to discuss your scheme.Government GrantsThere is help at hand for South Australian manufacturing businesses wanting to invest in energy saving schemes.  AusIndustry manages most of the initiatives.  However there is a catch – there is no automatic right to these grants.  Instead these schemes are typically organized as competitive bids – and as in all competitions if you want to succeed you better know the rules and what it takes to win.And that’s why our clients use us. Latest NewsESS can now offer its Business Clients finance options for energy efficiency upgrades, through several finance companies. They will fund a wide spectrum of equipment including energy efficient lighting, industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and other energy efficient products. So for the best advice, call us on 08 6260 0811

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