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ESS have arranged for a special deal with one of our energy providers during March and April,
some clients have already received discounts of 16% off their current charges.

Too many businesses don’t even know how much they pay for electricity, let alone whether they are getting a good deal or not.

The good news is that we do know what a good deal is and clients of ESS don’t just get a good deal – they get the best possible deal.


Example:  Starting from an annual bill of $160,000 we recently saved a business more than $103,000 over 26 months, which was more than $20,000 better than other brokers (who were commission driven)

We at ESS are totally independent, and unlike most energy brokers we are not aligned with any one electricity company.  This means our clients get completely transparent quotes from all possible suppliers.


We analyse your patterns of energy so that we can negotiate an energy package which best suits your business.  Each electricity company has a range of pricing packages and terms – did you know bakers could face a different tariff to a butcher?  Some schemes are so complicated that even their own salespeople are not completely sure.  So our expertise is invaluable in understanding all the rules and securing you the best deal.


So to get not just a better deal but the best deal on your electricity,
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