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LED Lighting saves a fortune!

For most businesses, switching to LED lighting is the single most effective energy saving exercise they can do. 

Traditional lighting uses a lot of electricity - 40% of total energy consumption of the average Australian business.  LEDs are a wonderfully efficient technology as they convert electrical energy to light, and not heat.   LED lights are 2.5x more efficient than fluorescent tubes, and 5x more efficient than Halogen!

LED technology is now highly cost effective.  Payback is fast -  between 20 weeks and 2 years – it depends on how long you have lights on each day.

The fact that LED lights run cool makes for a far more comfortable environment, as well as making a noticeable reduction in the the need for air con.

The other good thing about LED lights is that they last a long, long time.  Our lights are guaranteed for 3 years, with an expected life of between 7 and 12 years.  This means you avoid the cost and inconvenience of blown globes – especially those pesky halogens in the ceiling!

In Summary, switching to LED globes will mean:

  • You save a huge amount of money on your electric bill
  • Not having to buy a replacement globes for maybe 12 years depending on your situation
  • Reducing your carbon footprint and becoming environmental friendly
  • Less heat so a lower air con bill
  • Compared to halogen globes, no risk of roof fires from excess heat
  • No Infra Red or UV, so no insect attraction and no nasties such as Mercury and Phosphor


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We offer a range of energy saving lighting including LED replacements for


  • Halogen downlights,
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Hi-Bay lights
  • Mercury spotlights and floodlights
  • Street lights
  • LED Exit Signs

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